Kerala Food Dishes – 11 Delicious Kerala Cuisine You Must Try on Your Kerala Trip

Kerala, God’s Own Country, is also home to one of the most unique cuisine culture. Characterized by a unique flavor the culinary experience across Kerala is diverse and has been influenced by several religions, ranging from Syrian Christians to Muslims. One would experience an abundance of spices, coconut, tapioca and rice served on banana leaf plates! From strict vegetarian to delicious sea foods, there’s everything you can ask for. Here is the list of popular Kerala food dishes options for breakfast, lunch & dinner you must try on your Kerala trip:

List of Kerala Food Dishes:

#1 – Dosa

Dosa - Kerala Breakfast Food

One of the most prominent south Indian dishes available across India, Dosa is a kind of pancake made out of fermented batter. It will be somewhat similar to a crepe but from black gram and rice. Dosa is traditionally served along with chutney and sambar and is a popular Indian breakfast. As you already tried this dish in you city but having one in Kerala will definitely give you unique taste and pleasure.

#2 – Idli

Idli - Kerala Breakfast Dish

Another popular breakfast serving across south and north India, Idli is a kind of savory cake made out of a batter of fermented rice and black lentils. Idli has been noted down in Keralian texts as one of the oldest dishes, with reports as early as 920 CE. The steamy fluffiness is served along with sambar and chutney and is also considered a healthy food. The popularity of Idli has given rise to several versions of it across other regions in India.

#3 – Appam

Appam Food Dish

Appam is a staple dish in Kerala and made out of fermented rice flour mixed in coconut milk. The idea of Appam is similar to a pancake, only thinner and with a unique flavor. Appam is served with a variety of stew, ranging from mango stew to lamb curry. The paper thin Appam will increase any dish’s taste in ways you wouldn’t have imagined. There are several variations of Appam in the ways it is made. The traditional Appam is called Palappam. Velayappam is slightly different and is marked by the addition of garlic, shallots and cumin seeds. Kallappam, another variation uses toddy as the main ingredient but all of these variations go well with stews.

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#4 – Sadya

Sadhya - Cuisine of Kerala.

Sadya is traditional vegetarian lunch for Keralian people and consists of par boiled pink rice served with savories, vegetarian side dishes (stews and curries), desserts and pickles served on banana leaf. The specialty of the dish is not with the huge menu but the way they are served to guests. Tradition requires that the tapering end of the banana leaf points towards the guest and feast includes several courses of meal.

#5 – Avial

Avial- Kerala food Dish

An accompaniment to rice servings, Avial is an essential part of a Sadya serving, especially on the Onam day. The dish is a mixture of several green vegetables with the exception of pulpy and soft ones. Traditionally, it is a curry made out of raw bananas; elephant foot yam, drumstick, ash gourd, potato, French beans, snake gourd, carrot, green chili, grated coconut and a number of other spices.

#6 – Palada Payasam

Palada Payasam Kheer

An irresistible dessert, the Palada Payasam is made as a rice kheer and is a must in all kinds of festivals and other special occasions in traditional homes. While there are several variations to the Palada Payasam, the basic ingredients include rice, milk, ghee and sugar.

#7 – Pathiri

Pathiri pancake in Kerala

Pathiri is another kind of pancake made out of rice flour and is particularly popular among Malabar Keralians. This Kerala food dish requires crushed rice baked on traditionally designed pans called as oadu. Post preparation of the cake requires it to be soaked in coconut milk to improve the favor and give it its real taste.

#8 – Puttu (Pittu)

Rice Puttu with Gram curry

Another staple breakfast eaten across Kerala, Puttu is served as a cylindrical shaped steamed rice cake that has been cooked in a mould of grated coconut. The Puttu is best served with the traditional Kadala Curry, a food dish consisting black chickpeas and mixed with shallots, coconut milk and several rich spices. Puttu is also served with grated coconut and ripe bananas.

#9 – Kerala Biriani

Kerala biriyani

Kerala Biriyani is a delicious food dish of Kerala which is called Thalaserry Biriani, it’s a unique twist to the Biriani you would have savored elsewhere. The first difference is the use of Jeerakasala Rice (short grain and thin) and the inclusion of several kinds of spices. While the original Biriani has a Mughal origin, Kerala Biriani is a deviation and influenced by Muslim culture of Arkot and Mysore.

#10 – Karimeen Pollichathu

Karimeen Pollichathu

A much sought after non-vegetarian delicacy and a star food in most restaurants Karimeen Pollichathu is made from sea fish. Added to a spicy preparation of the fish fry, it also retains the flavor of banana leaf inside which it is smoked. Served hot, it is served both independent and with rice.

#11 – Kerala Fish Curry

Also called a Karimeen (a freshwater/backwater fish) Curry retains special flavor of fresh vegetables that go into the stew/curry. Coconut oil is used in the preparation, giving the dish a unique flavor.

Keralians love their food and if you are traveling through the state, it would be a miss to not have tasted at least some of their traditional recipes. With options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, one is never too bothered by the choices. Book your Kerala tour package with us to enjoy the real test of Kerala foods.