6 Best Backwaters Tourists Should Visit While Travelling to Kerala

Serenity in the air, calmly flowing water, greenery around, and you are cruising in a houseboat day(s) and night(s). Isn’t the scene itself is so soothing? Yes. Let us take you to the beautiful backwaters of Kerala. Many of you must have heard about backwaters but not so familiar with them until either you visit Kerala for backwater holidays or have come across any informative write-up such as this one. Backwaters in Kerala are a network of 38 rivers, five lakes, and around 1500 km of waterways extending in and around Kerala. At the outset, backwaters places were a mode of transportation for moving the business goods like coconuts, spices, rubbers and coir artifacts. With the passage of time, they turned out to be a must-visit destination for Kerala holidaymakers for their beauty and peacefulness. Now, visitors are offered a comfortable cruise in the backwaters to enjoy the Kerala attractions like natural beauty, sunrise, sunset, paddy fields, and coconut and palm trees standing on the banks along with the open sky for counting stars in the night hours. All this is you can do when you wish to stay in Kerala backwaters houseboat.

Houseboats in the Backwaters – The Must Experience Kerala Attraction

There are approx. 2000 houseboats that ply in the backwaters of Kerala. They are developed like any other house that you live in. Famous as floating cottages, the houseboats are equipped with all the essential amenities. They have rooms to sleep in, dining hall, hygienic toilets, open space on the decks to read, talk, listen to music and admire the beauty around while you are cruising. To add to your comfort; you would be served home-cooked meals and freshly caught fish as well on the houseboat. Both Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian food is served. Also, in the evening they dock at by the riverside. You can buy fresh seafood from there (fish, prawns, crab) and the cook prepares it for you. The best would be to plan an overnight stay from Alleppey to Kumarakom.

Best Backwaters in Kerala

#1 Alleppey

No matter what you call it, Alappuzha or Alleppey; its charm remains the same. It is a water-logged paradise of interweaving waterways, apparently endless paddy fields, and enduringly swaying coconut trees. The most beautiful view of this land is from the Alleppey houseboats sailing over the backwaters. Roving in a houseboat in Alleppey backwaters does not just have the incredible window views. It is a delightful experience in itself. The calm wind, the infrequent nomadic birds, and seasonal showers make the boat jaunt an unparalleled experience that you can relish always. You can book 1 to 5 bedroom houseboats online.
Alleppey backwaters package

#2 Kumarakom

Being one of the fascinating backwater destinations in the state Kumarakom lures travelers every year. With beautiful surrounds and landscapes of green hills, mangrove forests and coconut plantations interpolated with canals, this place offers excellent openings for Aqua Tourism. It is a delightful bright green headland extending into the scenic Vembanad Lake sprinkled with numerous customary local rafts, ferries and canoes. The water of the lake runs into the inland creating a maze of inlets, channels, and canals. The backwater stocks a range of species of flora and fauna. Enjoy the Ayurvedic massage, Yoga, and Meditation at their best here.

Kerala Houseboat and Backwater

#3 Kollam

Bizarrely mesmeric backwaters, lush tropical flora and the renowned Ashtamudi Lake, casing nearby 30 percent of the area of Kollam district fetches the good number of tourists here. This is the best backwater destinations in Kerala to begin your houseboat outing. Kollam is generally identified as the center of cashew, aquatic, coir, cane, clay, matchbox, coconut oil industries, etc. Thus, during your backwater ride in Kollam, you have a chance to come across their makings. If you wish to have the most extended backwater rides in Kerala, then start from Kollam and end it in Alleppey.

#4 Kottayam

The pleasing backwaters of Kottayam have been one among the most pursued tourist attractions of Kerala. Kottayam backwaters offer you with the marvelous opportunity to visit 1500 acres of fruitful land that is occupied with natural splendor and provides one with amply of happiness during the journey. This beautiful land of coconut copses and paddy fields make use of the farming process in which cultivation is done below the sea level which is a unique site on the Kottayam backwater cruises. The bird sanctuary here is spread across 14 acres, is a preferred stomping ground for migratory birds.
Kottayam backwaters

#5 Kuttanad

Being the most captivating backwaters of Kerala, Kuttanad has its charm. The sceneries of Kuttanad are interwoven by the watercourses that are edged by the swanky green paddy fields accompanied by the farming lands of cassava, yam, and banana. The backwaters of Kuttanad are heaven and an ultimate destination for relishing an outstanding backwater voyage of Kerala. The best mode to discover these delightful backwaters is by drifting along in a houseboat and appreciating the picturesque backgrounds of this area. It is renowned as the lowest place in India, below the sea level.
kuttanad backwaters

#6 Kavvayi

Situated near Payyannur; Kavvayi is the third largest backwater in Kerala and the largest one in north Kerala. The Kavvayi Backwaters is speckled with numerous small and large islets. The biggest among them is Valiyaparamba Island as it expands over 16 km2. Like other attractive backwater places, Kavvayi has its appeals that can factually make you love this place. You can merely find scores of reconciliation and peacefulness here. If you want to delight in backwaters in a pocket-friendly way, this is the place to be. It is among the less commercialized and unmapped backwaters.
Kavvayi backwaters

Now, that you know which the best backwaters to visit in Kerala are; contact Kerala Packages and fix a backwater cruise for you. You can also get customized backwaters tours in Kerala upon request. Kerala Packages put in all the effort and experience in offering you the best time during your Kerala Holidays.